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About Yerevan State Medical University

Yerevan State Medical University

Yerevan State Medical University is the best medical university in Armenia. It was founded in 1920 & established in 1930 independently. University has trained around 30000 doctors till date. Since 1986, Indian student has admitted to this university regularly. University has tie-ups with international health and medical organizations in the field of medical education which helps students to complete their internship program during MBBS studies. University is one of the top among all the medical universities in Armenia.

YSMU is working closely with around 30 affiliated hospitals. Also, the number of medical universities & health organization are from USA, Germany, Greece, Italy, etc. Currently, university has around 1100 professors which includes 150+ Doctor of Science and 400+ PhD. Degree holders. Due to having best faculty from all around the world, students get best practical medical knowledge and to get excellent life learning experience. YSMU is most popular university for medical education in Europe. Presently, over 900+ Indian students are pursuing their studies.

University has around huge campus for study. YSMU has modern hostel facility where students can accommodate. YSMU is top medical college in Armenia where student gets practical interactive study sessions, clinical training, conference, seminar, medical exhibition, etc. YSMU encourages student to take part in the international exhibitions to develop latest modern medical technologies.

Program is offered by Yerevan State Medical University
  1. Educational program in MBBS/MD (General Medicine).
  2. Educational program in Dentistry.
  3. Educational program in Pharmacy.
  4. Educational program in Public Health.
  5. Educational program in Military Medicine.

University is Recognized and Approved by
  1. World Health Organization.
  2. Medical Council of India.
  3. UNESCO.
  4. Directory of Higher Medical Institutions.

Advantage of studying in Yerevan State Medical University
  1. University offers training for both USMLE & PLAB which enable student to practice in UK & USA.
  2. The quality of medical education in Armenia is as same as UK, India & USA.
  3. This university is highly preferred medical university for Medicine Programs.
  4. University has practical teaching method and sophisticated scientific lab.
  5. University has qualified professors, teachers & doctors.
  6. YSMU is globally recognized by higher level of medical authority bodies.

Life of students at YSMU

YSMU provides comfortable hostel facilities to its student. University has 2 hostels for the internationals students with a separate dining area. The rooms are fully furnished and space is clean. There is laundry service available for the students.

University has separate sports complex, library, gym and relaxation area as well. University has library with around 50000 volumes of new edition books and online library also. Students can use the internet facility to get the online medical study material.