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About Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is one of oldest university in Russia. University was established in the year of 1804. University is recognized and approved by Ministry of Science & Higher Education of Russian Federation, Medical Council of India and World Health Organization. University provides European standard education.

University has around 45,000 students which includes approx. 7000+ Indian students and from other countries also. KFU offers around 600+ programs including medical program. University provides medical programs in English medium. University participates in international cooperation activities. University has tie-up with most of the private and government hospitals and clinics where students can complete their internship program during MBBS course. Student who have studied and awarded medical degree from the university can work any part of the world after giving entrance exams of that country. University has excellent faculty staff with great experienced in top hospitals, clinical research, top medical centers, etc. KFU provides students with library, internet facility, etc. University has around 157 faculty staff from top medical universities and research centers. University also has 10+ international associates.

KFU encourages student to take part in National and International exhibitions, practical exposures, etc. University is well-equipped with modern technologies that helps student to best medical education.

University is recognized and approved by
  1. Medical Council of India.
  2. World Health Organization.
  3. Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation.
  4. FAIMER.

Program is offered by Kazan Federal University
  1. Educational program in MBBS/MD (General Medicine).
  2. Educational program in Dentistry.
  3. Educational program in Environmental Science.

Advantages of studying in Kazan Federal University
  1. Kazan Federal University has skilled and experienced in the field of medicine.
  2. KFU has PhD., Doctor, Scientific background faculty staff. Faculty has international profile of teaching.
  3. University has established scientific facility like 15+ scientific centers with excellent infrastructure along with modern research lab and teaching purposes.
  4. University is approved by high level of medical education authority bodies.

Life of students at KFU

KFU has spacious campus with modern facilities where student can get healthy environment for the study. University has library with around 50000 volumes of new edition books. University encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities.

Student also gets an international exposure in terms of medical studies.