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About Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University is one of top medical college which founded in the year of 1930. Due to its scholarly outcome results, Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan has classified KazNMU as National University. University is situated at Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is one of leading medical institute among all the medical university in Kazakhstan.

Currently, around 11000 students are studying in the university. Also, there are more than 1400+ faculty member are teaching at KazNMU which involve 150+ Doctor of Science, 100+ professors, and 400+ candidates of science. Till now, around 60000 specialists are graduated from the university. These specialists are now working not only in the domestic country but also in the foreign countries. KazNMU has tie-ups with other universities of different countries and staff where university actively takes part in the research work of international program, medical practice sessions, seminar, etc.

KazNMU offers a number of medical courses like master, bachelor as well as doctorate program. Students apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan National Medical University from all over the world. University is well-equipped with modernized infrastructure and sophisticated medical instrument. University provides high level of practical training in their own clinics, innovations in the field of science, education and collaboration with practical health care. As a result, university retains leadership in medical education in Kazakhstan.

Program is offered by Kazakh National Medical University
  1. Educational program in MBBS/MD (General Medicine).
  2. Educational program in Dentistry.
  3. Educational program in Pharmacy.
  4. Educational program in pediatrics.
  5. Educational program in Management in Public Health.

University is recognized and approved by Kazakh National Medical University
  1. World Health Organization.
  2. Medical Council of India.
  3. Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Advantages of studying in Kazakh National Medical University
  1. University carries out scientific research and medical consultative work.
  2. University supports students to participate in medical research program.
  3. KazNMU has library with 6 reading rooms, book 1.5 million copies and republican scientific medical library.
  4. University has international cooperation with 58 foreign organizations.
  5. KazNMU is also globally recognized by higher level of medical education author bodies.

Life of students at Kazakhstan National Medical University

KazNMU’s student can easily accommodated in residence hall which has all the essential requirement and 2 to 3 students can share one furnished room easily. University has republican scientific medical library where student can get all the medical related study stuffs.

Student of KazNMU has provided with many facilities like library with 6 reading rooms, kitchens, gym, sport complex, study room are equipped with wifi facility, etc.