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About American University Barbados

American University Barbados

American University of Barbados was established in the year of 2012 and it is running school of medicine which located in the island nation of Barbados. AUB is known for its effective teaching methodology and qualified faculty. AUB provides quality medical education to students from all over the world. University has highly experienced professors and associates from best medical institutions.

American Universities of Barbados is one of best medical universities in Caribbean which has architecturally and aesthetically designs building. AUB provides clinical medicine, pre-med and MD program. University provides 5.5 years MD program for high school graduates and 4 years MD program for university science graduates. After getting United States medical board certification and taking USMLE examinations, student can practice in USA. University is dedicated to offering numerous types of educational medical and tools to facilitate greater learning. To simplify complex topics in medicine, university has provided with easy access animations which help to clarify concepts.

AUB is accredited by CAAM-HP and Barbados Accreditation Council. American University of Barbados, school of medicine offers USA medical studies and USMLE focused teaching. Due to small class size, it allows for a more personalized learning experience. University also encourage student to participate in National & International Research Projects.

Program is offered by American University of Barbados
  1. Educational program in Basic Sciences.
  2. Educational program in Clinical Medicine.
  3. Educational program in Pre-Med.
  4. Educational program in Pre-Clinical Sciences.

AUB is Recognized and Approved by MCI
  1. FAIMER.
  2. Medical Council of Canada.
  3. WDMS.
  4. WFME.
  5. Education Ministry of Barbados.

Advantages of Studying in American University of Barbados
  1. Due to interlink of American University of Barbados and other international network, professors and students can benefit from variety of exchange program.
  2. AUB is pioneer in delivering high standard medical education.
  3. The teaching methodology use in AUB is 3D medical animation technology, interactive study pattern, problem based learning, and university prepares student for USMLE.
  4. University admits students three times a year in the month of January, May and September.

Life of Students at American University of Barbados

American University of Barbados has everything for student that is essential to study MBBS. University also provides many facilities and extracurricular like golf tournaments, yoga day and picnic. Student also provided with access of more than 10000 books and journals in online library.

AUB, school of medicine has huge campus where students get excellent environment for study. University also encourages student to take part in sports, medical exhibitions, etc.