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About Antigua University

American University of Antigua

American University of Antigua, a collage of medicine was founded in the year of 2004. University is a part of Manipal Education and Medical Group. AUA has developed into International Education Hub and it is spread over 1.5lac sq.ft. Technology advanced campus. It is an innovative medical school which provides highest quality medical education. It is accredited, recognized and approved by Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, U.S. Department of Education, the New York State Education Department, Caribbean accreditation authority for education in medicine and other health professions.

AUA offers basic sciences of two semesters per academic year. This is based on the top US medical school programs. It also has Clinical Sciences corresponds to real world needs and has 30+ clinical sites. The program prepares students for a successful medical career. Medical programs prepare in such way students get modern medicine techniques. American University of Antigua is aim to fulfill the shortage of physician, especially in the field of primary care, family medicine, and internal medicine. There is more than 2000+ student from all over the world.

American University of Antigua has one of the best medical faculty staff which provides practical learning environment and medical practices. American University of Antigua provides world-class infrastructure and education with all the essential facilities throughout the medical studies till the student’s graduation. The students are also offered a platform to practice and research.

Program is offered by American University of Antigua
  1. Educational program in MBBS (General Medicine)
  2. Educational program in Bachelor of Science in Human Health Sciences.
  3. Educational program in Global Health MD.
  4. Educational program in Pharmacy.

University is recognized and approved by
  1. Medical Council of India.
  2. World Health Organization.
  3. CAAM-HP.
  4. U.S. Department of Education.
  5. New York State Education Department.

Advantages of studying in American University of Antigua
  1. AUA’s MBBS/MD program provides students with an education that help student to become qualified physician.
  2. University provides all the essential facilities, distinguished faculty, excellent clinical experiences prepare graduates to practice medicine throughout the US and Canada.
  3. University is accredited, recognized and approved by higher level of medical education authority bodies.

Life of students at AUA

The student experiences a versatile life at AUA. They are provided with many opportunities to grow their skills for their personal development. University encourages student to take part in sports activity.

University has provided with wi-fi facility where student can get online material for medical studies easily and huge campus with library of around 1,00,000 new edition books. University also has hostel for the accommodation of international students.