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Education Overseas Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. formed and managed by a group of experienced graduates who have successfully completed their education in foreign countries and now working in reputed hospitals as well as Clinical Research Organizations. Education Overseas is one of the leading overseas education counselling firm incorporated in 2014 with the concept of helping students to get admission in top global Universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at affordable cost. Our Primary goal is to ensure that students planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedure in systematic manner and finally process their application for admission.Our team is made up of seasonal educationist, counsellors and marketers who have sound knowledge of the Educational System Abroad.Our current study destinations are Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia.

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The founder members are medical professionals who have graduated from medical universities abroad and knows the overseas education system genuinely at their finger tip and they are the answer to all the questions asked by parents and students. We are highly experienced as far as student’s life abroad is concerned. For the past years, our consultancy has been able to serve more students, who benefited from our various programs - Medical graduates from abroad working for medical aspirants. Our great services to each student, puts us on top among study abroad services providers. We help in choosing the appropriate program for your level and interest, to completing the application process and visa process.

Education overseas operates on the principle of proficiency, and demonstrates flawless integrity in as far as our intermediary efforts between prospective students, their families and the institutions of their choice is our concerned. We are not interested in earning. Our sole aim and vision is to ensure that each and every one of our students treated as stars. And giving the highest quality services.

EOC has a strong presence all over India with a network of offices located. Each year hundreds and thousands of students go abroad to study medicine

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  1. We have professional and responsible staff.
  2. We fully support you on your educational journey.
  3. We have an extensive network of Universities.
  4. We understand our students needs and requirements.
  5. We liaise with leading learning institutions.